Meet our Saskatoon Berry Bush!

It's saskatoon berry season! If you've never tried saskatoon berries before, you're missing out. Lucky for us we were blessed with two saskatoon berry bushes when we moved into our first home. A warm thank you to our previous owners. Originating in the Canadian Prairies, saskatoon berries are red in colour and become maroon when … Continue reading Meet our Saskatoon Berry Bush!

Regrow cilantro from its roots

In a previous post, I showed you how easy it is to regrow  green onions. I've heard that cilantro can be propagated in the same way, so thought I'd give it try. I was pleasantly surprised when cilantro leaves started to regrow from its cut-off stems!  The propagation process took longer than the green onions, but the … Continue reading Regrow cilantro from its roots