About Jen

Hello Food-Lover,

Inside Jen’s Kitchen was created with one simple goal, to share my love for seasonal and scratch cooking with others. My philosophy is that if you can make it from scratch, do it. If you can grow your own food, even better! Living in Ottawa, Ontario, we don’t have the best growing conditions, but from May-October, it’s prime time gardening season. In our garden, we have produce ranging from raspberries, strawberries, and tomatoes, to kale, tomatillos, and asparagus. It is such a fulfilling hobby and will share tips on how you can start your own garden at home!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff: food, yummy, delicious food. Growing up in a multicultural city with a family that loves to eat, I was exposed to so many different types of cuisines: Chinese, Mauritian, Indian, Canadian, Italian, Greek, Latin American…you name it, I’ve probably had it. It was only when I met my husband, where I started exploring Lebanese and Vegetarian cooking. I was instantly hooked! Fresh lemons, roasted garlic, sumac, and parsley – How can you not fall in love? Incorporating more vegetarian dishes in the home was at first a challenge, but after discovering how to use tofu, lentils, beans, and nuts in creative delicious ways, we stopped cooking meat in the home. Points for our wallet and the environment! On my blog, you’ll find mostly vegetarian meals and sometimes vegan. We may have some special guests who come into the kitchen, and I’ll let them showcase whatever their heart desires.

As a registered dietitian, eating foods that nourish the body is a core value.  But don’t be surprised if you occasionally see a recipe that doesn’t appear “dietitian-approved”. I am big believer that all foods fit into a healthy diet. Foods should not be classified as being good or bad. It takes away from the positive relationship we have with food. That being said, enjoy some of the Chinese-Mauritian-inspired recipes I will post, like rougaille (an herb-packed tomato sauce) and rotis, samosas and gateaux piments (split pea fritters). On special occasions, I am sure they will make others very happy too!

Here’s to cooking more seasonal meals in the home. Now let’s get cooking!

Jen Ong Tone MHSc RD
Registered Dietitian and Home Cook