Regrow cilantro from its roots

In a previous post, I showed you how easy it is to regrow  green onions. I’ve heard that cilantro can be propagated in the same way, so thought I’d give it try. I was pleasantly surprised when cilantro leaves started to regrow from its cut-off stems!  The propagation process took longer than the green onions, but the end results were wonderful! Here’s how to do it in your home:

Step 1: After buying fresh cilantro, cut off the roots leaving 2 inches of the stems with it. Keep together using an elastic band and place inside a small bowl filled with enough water to cover the roots. Place near a window for sunlight.


Day 1 of Cilantro Regrowth

Step 2: Change the water daily to keep the roots fresh. After a week or so, you’ll start to notice leaves forming. Check out the cilantro after 2 weeks:


Day 14 of Cilantro Regrowth

Step 3: When the leaves become full in size, transfer the cilantro into a small pot with potting soil. Use a pot with a small hole at the bottom to encourage proper draining -Healthy roots = A healthy plant! A saucer catches any overflowing liquid.


Day 30 of Cilantro Regrowth

Step 4: Water the soil regularly and be patient! Your cilantro plant will mature in no time.

Happy planting!

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