Regrow your green onions


Did you know that certain foods can regrow on their own? It’s called food propagation and not only is it a money saver, it’s also a fun activity to do in the home. There’s just something special about seeing your vegetables come to life!

If you’re new to food propagation, start off with a vegetable that can easily regrow, like green onions. Follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Before throwing out the white tips of your green onions, put an elastic band around them to keep them in place. Place inside a small bowl filled with enough water to cover the roots. Place near a window for sunlight.


Step 2: Every two days, change the water to keep the roots fresh. After 3-4 days, you’ll notice the green stems starting to come out. Exciting!


Step 3: Watch how beautiful the green onions come out after 5-6 days. Keep the water fresh and trim the green onions on an as-needed basis for recipes. thumb_img_0099_1024

Green onions are a wonderful garnish to add to stir fries and asian-style dishes. They cook well into fluffy mashed potatoes or pillowy omelettes . Now who says you can’t grow your own food in our cold Canadian winters?


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