How To: Store Your Tender Herbs


Do your herbs go bad over a couple of days? It may be that you are not storing them right. This used to happen to me a few years ago. I would buy herbs like fresh parsley and cilantro only to find them rotting in the fridge a couple of days later. I soon learnt that I wasn’t storing them properly. I placed them in the plastic bags from the produce section and left them in the fridge that way. It created a moldy mess in no time.

The trick is to treat your tender herbs like flowers.

  1. Trim off the bottom stems and place them in a mason jar filled with just enough water (an inch or so) to cover the stems.
  2. Loosely place a bag over top and tie a bow to secure in place. It provides the perfect amount of moisture and oxygen.
  3. Change the water if it discolours to keep the stems fresh.

The result? Your herbs will last up to 2 weeks. Tried and tested in my kitchen.

Note: This method works best for tender herbs like parsley, cilantro. Tougher herbs like rosemary, thyme, and oregano should be stored differently. They do well in a damp towel in a resealable bag.

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